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High-Gloss Paper Labels | Primera LX400
High-Gloss Paper Labels | Primera LX400
Primera LX400 High-Gloss Labels

Product Code: PRI-74703
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Tuffcoat High-Gloss labels and tag stock use a high-gloss paper specially formulated for use in Primera Technology's on-demand inkjet printers. it couples excellent inkjet print quality with fast ink drying time. it is ideal for applications printing variable information in conjunction with full-color graphics.

Product Usage

Tuffcoat High-Gloss label stock is a smooth, bright white face sheet. The high-gloss finish is very abrasion resistant and highly water-resistant.

Water Resistance

Good water resistance for incidental contact with droplets or wet hands. Not suitable for complete submersion in water or for very humid conditions. If water contact is likely, test the label stock in the final application environment.


Adhesive is available in three varieties:

  • General Purpose: Versatile, general prupose permanent adhesive designed for excellent adhesion to a cardboard and superior adhesion to plastics and glass.
  • Super Sticky: Ultra strong adhesive for use on highly curved surfaces, damp application environments or freeze-thaw-freeze environments.
  • Removable: Low strength non-curing removable adhesive.

Service Temperature Range: -65F to +200F

Minimum Application Temperature: +25F

Shelf Life: One year when stored at 72F at 50% RH

This label stock has been specifically designed to be highly absorbent to allow water-based inkjet inks to set-up quickly. This characteristic while providing for immediate smudge resistance after printing, also makes the sheet highly receptive to airborne contaminants, which could result in a discoloration of the unprinted areas. Proper testing in the final application environment is strongly recommended.