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Labels for the Primera LX810 and LX900

Many Applications
The LX810 produces gorgeous, professional-quality labels for all your short-run, specialty products. It is also perfect for a host of other uses such as proofing before going to press on longer runs. Bar code labels. Test marketing. Contract manufacturing. Private label goods. Promotional labels. Full-color box-end labels with all the required bar codes. And much more.

A Wide Variety of Substrates– Including Water-Resistant Labels!
The LX810 prints onto many different label and tag materials, including inkjet coated high-gloss, semi-gloss and matte labels. Labels printed on high-gloss material are highly scratch- and smudge-resistant and virtually waterproof. This is a perfect solution for primary or box labels that can be exposed to water, rain and snow. Labels can be as narrow as 0.75 inches and as wide as 8.25 inches. Maximum label length is 24 inches. More than 1000 custom labels sizes are available upon request.

LX810 Color Label Printer Label Stock– Standard Sizes
Primera’s TuffCoat High-Gloss and Semi-Gloss Labels are the perfect match for the LX810’s dye-based inks. Compatibility and performance are guaranteed. Standard sizes are usually available for immediate shipment. All labels are 6” maximum OD on a 3” core with a .125” corner radius. All rolls also have perforations between labels.

TuffCoat High-Gloss – smooth, bright white face sheet with permanent, general purpose adhesive. Excellent adhesion to cardboard, metals and most plastics. High-gloss finish is very abrasion resistant and highly water-resistant.

TuffCoat Semi-Gloss – smooth face sheet with permanent general purpose adhesive. Excellent adhesion to cardboard, metals and most plastics. Some water resistance, excellent abrasion resistance.

TuffCoat White Polyester – bright white matte finish with abrasion resistance. General purpose acrylic adhesive with excellent adhesion to glass, metals and most plastics. Please inquire about specific sizes available and current pricing.

Label Stock Custom More than 1000 custom label sizes are available upon request. Typical lead times are 3-4 weeks. Please note: All standard label stock is perforated and the standard corner radius is .125".