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NEOs T24 Tape AutoLoader | LTO-7 FC, 2U, 24-Slot | Part #OV-NEOST247FC
OV-NEOST247FC | NEOs T24 Tape Autoloader
Backup & Archive NEOs T24 Tape Autoloader LTO-7 Fibre Channel
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Product Code: OV-NEOST247FC
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Overland Storage NEOs T24 LTO-7 FC Tape Autoloader | Part# OV-NEOST247FC

The NEOs T24 is a powerful backup and archive solution designed for small businesses or remote locations. Packing up to 360TB of storage capacity in a compact 2U form factor, the NEOs T24 delivers amazing capabilities in a compact form factor. Available as either a 12-slot autoloader or a 24-slot library, the NEOs T24 provides affordable, dependable, easy to use backup and archive capability for a variety of data center environments.

  • Encryption-enabled for increased data security
  • FIPS 140-2 approved
  • Easily integrates with data center ISV applications
Remote Management
  • 10/100-BaseT Ethernet connection
  • Provides tape drive and tape cartridge status information
  • Enables remote configuration activities
  • Alerts user to unusual/suspicious activity that may affect the backup/archive process via email or SNMP traps
  • Enables remote firmware upgrades
  • Provides remote diagnostics capabilities
  • Provides convenient and reliable management of the backup/archive process from anywhere in the world
Removable Cartridge Magazines
  • Allows users to conveniently add/remove cartridges in their NEO library
  • Provides easy off-line handling of multiple cartridges
  • Enables convenient off-line/off-site storage of cartridges for disaster recovery purpose
  • Ensures more efficient media handling both inside and outside of a NEO Series library
  • Reduces administrative overhead by making media handling more efficient and reliable
Upgradeable Tape Drives
  • Users can easily remove/replace tape drives to provide effortless upgrades to next-generation tape drive technologies
  • Downtime costs are eliminated by enabling end user replacement of tape drives (no waiting for a service tech to show up)
  • Tape drives can easily be added to existing tape libraries for increased performance and efficiency
  • Tape drives can be interchanged between NEO libraries for increased investment protection
  • Improves efficiency of the backup/archive process by enabling multi-tasking within the same library
  • Enables you to configure a single NEO library to interface with different backup servers, regardless of their connectivity type (SCSI, SAS, FC, etc.)
  • Protects your investment by allowing you to simultaneously use a single NEO library with a variety of backup software applications