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LX-Series Label Printers

The LX-Series Label Printers utilize the latest in high-resolution inkjet technology to print brilliant full-color product labels on-demand!

  • No lead times
  • No minimum order requirements
  • No obsolete label inventory
  • No plate and die charges

Many manufacturers and private labelers use the LX-Series to print high-quality, short-run product and box-end labels for retail packaging. Personalized labels can also be printed on demand for corporate gifts, events, gift baskets and weddings. Simply add wedding names and dates, corporate logos with holiday greetings, anniversary photos or design a label for limited edition or seasonal products.

Having the ability to print personalized food labels on demand allows you to produce printed labels in minutes rather than days or weeks. In addition, labels can be customized in-house to meet client needs.

LX500 Color Label Printer LX500 Color Label Printer

  • Short-run label printing
  • 4800 dpi full-color printing
  • prints up to 4" wide.
  • Windows / Mac compatibility

Reg. US: $1,295.00
Sale Price: $1,225.00
You save $70.00!
Short Run Color Label Printer LX1000 Color Label Printer

  • Full-color label printer
  • Pigment ink
  • Prints .75”to 8.37” wide
  • Prints up to 4”/sec
  • Windows compatibility

Reg. US: $2,995.00
Sale Price: $2,795.00
You save $200.00!
LX2000 Color Label Printer LX2000 Color Label Printer

  • Full-color label printing with Pigment ink.
  • Prints 0.75” to 8.37” wide.
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Prints up to 6”/sec
  • Built in Cutter
  • Windows / Mac compatibility

Reg. US: $3,995.00
Sale Price: $3,595.00
You save $400.00!
Primera CX1000 Color Label Printer CX1000 Digital Color Label Printer

Designed for in-house production of professional-quality product labels, CX1000 is ideal for
producing short- to medium-run jobs from 50 to 5,000 labels per roll in various sizes.

Reg. US: $10,995.00
Sale Price: $10,445.00
You save $550.00!