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Conveyor Tape Degaussers

These conveyor degaussers transport up to 1500 tapes per hour through their magnetic fields for complete erasure in an easy to use manner. Fitting neatly into any table-top, our conveyor degaussers offer effortless erasure media cassettes and cartridges - perfect for high volume erasure requirements particularly within media manufacturing, broadcast and recycling sectors

V880 High Energy, Conveyor Degausser V880 High Energy, Conveyor Degausser

  • Powerful Dual "V" configured Degaussing Coils
  • Suitable for VHS/S-VHS, LTO, DLT, DAT as well as Computer cartridges: DC, TK 50/70/85, 3480/3490/3490e & 4/8mm
  • 1000 Beta SP per hour with 2 passes

Price USD: $5,999.00
Sale Price USD: $5,295.00
SV5000 Degausser SV5000, CESG Conveyor Degausser

  • NATO approved
  • Wide track conveyor belt
  • High media throughput
  • Erases reels, cassettes & cartridges
  • Automatic control by electric eye

Price USD: $10,999.00
Sale Price USD: $9,899.00
V100 Bulk Eraser, VHS, Beta, Betacam, Compact cassette and computer cartridges: TK50/70, 3480/3490 V100 Bulk Eraser, Conveyor Degausser

  • Suitable for High Coercivity Metal tape, such as DVC Pro, Beta SP, Digital S, Betacam, Digital Videotape, MII, 4mm, 8mm, and DAT. Belt Width 6" 153mm
  • Up to 5500 units per hour

Price USD: $13,995.00
Sale Price USD: $12,995.00

Conveyor Tape Degaussers - Comparison

Model Number: V880 V100 SV5000
Type: Conveyor Degausser Conveyor Degausser Conveyor Degausser
Manual/Automatic: Automatic Conveyor Conveyor
Gauss Force: 5100 gauss 5100 gauss 5,100 gauss
Throughput: 600 Beta SP Cassettes per hour 2,500 Beta SP Cassettes per hr 500 VHS Cassettes per hour
5000 VHS Diskettes per hour
Erasure Time: 4 secs 2 secs 6 secs per cycle
Certifications: CE CE NATO / CE
Duty Cycle: Non-Continuous Continuous Non-Continuous
Media: Cartridges and Cassettes Cartridges and Cassettes Reels, Cartridges and Cassettes