HDD/SSD Testers, Sanitizers, Erasers and Wipers

When you need data permanently erased from hard disk drives without permanently destroying the drive, you need a device commonly known in the technology world as either a disk recycler, wiper, sanitizer, DoD eraser, secure eraser, or wipe clean device. Regardless of what tech folks call these devices, they all do the same, and that is they overwrite data on the drives one or more times to prevent data recovery.

MDS markets a variety of these devices ranging in various configuration from small portable units to large mass production environments where hundreds of drives are wiped on a daily basis.

Our wipers support just about every drive type and size that has been in production for the last 30 years including IDE, SCSI, SATA, SAS and Fibre Channel. Most units in our line-up includes ability to produce audit trail reports, custom scripts to meet exacting clients erasure needs, and the capability to erase drives in synchronous or asynchronous erasure for maximum efficiency. Call us today and we can help you choose the right hard disk drive wiper for your needs.