HDD, SSD, Flash Cloning and Erasure Solutions

Organizations today have a myriad of challenges maintaining their networks, servers, workstations and mobile devices. Upgrading systems, recycling obsolete hardware, securing sensitive data, providing disaster recovery solutions adds to these challenges. From the simple upgrade of a computer’s hard disk drive, to software deployment across the enterprise or mass duplication of hard drives we have the disk and usb duplicator, diagnostic, testing and sanitization solution you need.

IDE to SATA Hard Drive Duplicators and Converter

SATA/IDE HDD Duplicator and Sanitizers

  • Portable, desktop and mass production units
  • Speeds up to 30GB per minute
  • Support including 2.5”, 3.5” SATA HDD and SSD
  • Support for all operating systems and file systems
  • Multiple data sanitization methods
PCIe M2 NVMe SSD Cloning and Erasing Devices

PCIe M.2 NVMe/SATA SSD Drive Cloning and Erasure

  • Fast portable 1:1 and mass production 1:20 units
  • Speeds up to 90GB per minute (1:1 NvMe)
  • Supports M key and B+M key for M.2 PCIe devices
  • Cable free models for easier insertion available
  • Government approved/compliant erasure
SAS Hard Drive Duplicators

SAS/SATA/IDE Drive Copiers and Sanitizers

  • Fast Ultra portable & desktop units for manufacturers
  • Cloning speeds up to 500 MB/s
  • Support including 2.5”, 3.5” SAS/SATA HDD & SSD
  • Independent of file system or operating systems
  • Models with various erasure and hashing features
Memory Cloning and Erasing Devices

USB/SD/MicroSD/CF Flash Duplicator & Sanitizers

  • Up to 16GB per minute Cloning Speeds
  • Clone up to 119 targets simultaneously at full speed
  • Support for Windows, Linux, MAC and Unix OS
  • Supports all standard flash memory cards on the market
  • Supports bit-by-bit cloning for bootable applications
One to one SCSI Hard Drive Copiers

SCSI Hard Disk Drive Copiers and Erasers

  • Support for 68-pin, 80-pin SCA and 50-pin interface
  • Cloning speeds up to 8GB per minute
  • Bit-for-bit Mirror Clone or smart fast data only clone
  • Clones or Erases Windows, Linux, Unix, or MAC OS Drives
  • Models with remote management available

Ethernet (RJ45) Based HDD/SSD Copier & Sanitizers

  • Up to 12GB per minute cloning
  • No need to remove drives from most PC laptops
  • Select Models support Windows, MAC x86, Linux
  • Supports up to 16 target drives/images concurrently
  • Independent of drive interface (FC, SATA, M.2, SCSI etc)
Forensic and IT Multi-Interface Drive Cloning

Fibre Channel (FC) Hard Drive Duplicators & Erasers

  • Support for FC 40-pin SCA-2 (SCA-40) Drives
  • FC Drive Types supported include 2Gbps and 4Gbps
  • Cross-Interface Copy from FC to SATA and others
  • Bit-for-bit Mirror Clone or smart fast data only clone
  • Clones or Erases Windows, Linux, Unix, or MAC OS Drives
Media & Entertainment CRU based Drive Cloning

CRU Based HDD/SSD Copier & Sanitizers

  • Designed to support Media & Entertainment Markets
  • CRU DX115 DC Carrier Support
  • Rackmount & Stackable HDD/SSD Duplicator
  • Up to 300MB/sec cloning speeds
  • From 5 ports and expandable to over 100 ports