The Leading Supplier of Media Duplication, Testing, Erasure, Recovery and Computer Forensics Solutions for Thousands of Organizations Since 1992

Hard Drive & SSD Cloning & Wiping

Complete hard disk and solid state drive cloning and erasure solutions for 1-to-1, 1-to-many, and many-to-many applications suitable for manufacturers, system integrators, commercial or governent IT departments, or computer technicians on the go.

Flash Memory Copiers and Erasers

Comprehensive range of SD/microSD (Secure Digital), USB, CF (CompactFlash) and CFast flash memory card cloning appliance solutions for just about every application and budget.

Media Degaussers & Destroyers

We supply the world's leading degaussers, erasers and destruction devices to permanently remove (sanitize) data from every type of magnetic, be it hard disk drives, Solid State Drives or tapes.

Data Tape Migration and Cloning

TapeMaster allows you to quickly clone your tapes for offsite storage or for mass duplication of your films stored on tape in LTFS format instead using unreliable hard disk drives. Tape-to-Tape and Tape-to-Disk/Cloud migration solutions are also available.

LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzers

All LTO tapes contain vital information about the cartridge in its memory. VeriTape reads this information and scores your tape so you can make decisions intelligently and in advance of failure.

Multi-Interface IT & Forensic Cloning | Erasing

The FX Series of drive cloning devices is the only solution on the market that supports legacy to new interfaces, along with many diagnostic/testing features in a single package. These versatile units feature cross copy between legacy and new interfaces.


For over 29 years, Media Duplication Systems (MDS) has been a leading supplier of media duplication, testing, erasure, recovery and computer forensics systems.

Our cloning systems are used in thousands of IT departments, manufacturing facilities, and by law enforcement agencies and militaries worldwide. These appliances offer high-speed solutions for cloning, drive formatting, data recovery, media testing, and disaster recovery. Our products range from one-to-one portable units to large production-grade solutions.

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