About Us

For over 30 years, Media Duplication Systems (MDS) has been a leading supplier of media duplication, testing, erasure, recovery and computer forensics systems.

Our cloning systems are used in thousands of IT departments, manufacturing facilities, and by law enforcement agencies and militaries worldwide. These appliances offer high-speed solutions for cloning, drive formatting, data recovery, media testing, and disaster recovery.

Our products range from one-to-one portable units to large production-grade solutions. Our product solutions support a range of technology interfaces including Serial/Parallel ATA/SCSI, M.2 PCIe NVMe /AHCI SSD, FC, CF, SD, USB and LTO Ultrium, to name a few. We're continuously pushing the limits of speed, helping our customers save time and money, while constantly developing to meet the needs of the dynamic media duplication industry.

Whether you are looking for software/firmware duplication, drive imaging, diagnostics, back-up & recovery, file management, or computer forensic solutions, MDS has the right solution for you.