Atola TaskForce - Supported Drives


Atola TaskForce is a versatile tool designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of storage devices. Its compatibility spans across various sizes, interfaces, and brands, ensuring that users have a comprehensive solution for their data recovery and forensic needs.

Standard Supported Drives

Atola TaskForce effortlessly supports:

  • All 1.8-inch, 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch IDE, SATA, SAS, and USB hard drives.
  • USB Flash media.
  • SD, Compactflash, and Memory Stick cards via a generic USB Card Reader.

Most functions of Atola TaskForce are compatible with any hard drive or flash card featuring IDE, SATA-1/2/3, or USB-1/2/3 interfaces, even those connected through adapters.

Proprietary Extension Module Support

With the help of proprietary Atola extension modules, TaskForce can also cater to:

  • M.2 NVMe/PCIe/SATA SSDs.
  • Latest Apple SSDs via the Thunderbolt extension.
  • The newest PCIe SSDs from Apple MacBooks (2013 - 2015).

Quality Assurance and Testing

To guarantee the efficiency and reliability of their tools, Atola ensures rigorous testing on hundreds of storage devices. This commitment to quality ensures that users can trust the device's performance across various storage mediums.

Specific HDD Model Support for Head Selection

Head selection, a crucial feature for many professionals, is available for:

  • SATA and IDE Seagate hard drives (including the F3 series).
  • SATA and IDE Western Digital, HGST hard drives, barring some models post-2018.
  • SATA and IDE Hitachi hard drives.
  • SATA and IDE Toshiba hard drives from the MG, MK, MQ, DT, HD families, with exceptions for certain models post-2018.

Comprehensive RAID Support

RAID Types and Controllers

Atola TaskForce offers extensive RAID support, including:

  • RAID types: RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, and JBOD.
  • Hardware RAID controllers from brands like Adaptec, Areca, HP, Dell, LSI, Intel RST, and IBM ServeRAID, among others.
  • Software RAID through mdadm.

Upcoming RAID Support

In a bid to continually evolve and cater to user needs, Atola is in the process of developing support for NAS RAID systems like Synology and QNAP. This feature is expected in upcoming firmware updates.

Supported File Systems

TaskForce supports a wide range of file systems, including:

  • NTFS, ext4/3/2, XFS, exFAT, APFS, HFS/HFS+, and FAT32/16.

Atola TaskForce stands out as a comprehensive solution for professionals dealing with various storage devices. Its wide range of compatibility, coupled with the promise of quality and continuous development, ensures that it remains a top choice in the industry. Whether you're dealing with standard hard drives, RAID systems, or the latest SSDs, TaskForce has got you covered.

12+ simultaneous forensic imaging sessions

Unparalleled Performance:

  • Achieve a staggering 15 TB/hour imaging speed with over 12 parallel sessions.
  • Powered by robust components: server-class motherboard, 8-thread Xeon CPU 3.7 GHz, and ECC RAM.
  • Two 10Gb Ethernet ports ensure rapid data transfer to network servers.

Versatile Port Configuration:

  • 18 ports adaptable as source or target with hardware write protection in Source mode.
  • Ports include 6 SATA, 6 SATA/SAS, 4 USB, IDE, and an extension slot for various modules.

Dynamic Imaging Capabilities:

  • Image to multiple targets: drives (SATA, SAS, USB, NVMe, IDE) or files (E01, AFF4, RAW) on network servers or other drives. VeraCrypt encryption available.
  • Express mode for automatic imaging across up to 17 parallel sessions.
  • Pause and resume imaging seamlessly, retaining all settings.
  • Specialized features for damaged drives: multi-pass imaging, reverse direction imaging, read block size management, and more.

Customizable Settings:

  • Tailor imaging settings based on case specifics.
  • Pre-configured presets for both healthy and damaged drives.
  • Choose imaging destinations: direct drives, network server files, or target drive files.
  • Select imaging scope: all sectors, specific sectors, selected partitions, or file types.
  • Advanced hashing options: linear or segmented methods, pre-hash, during or post imaging, with multiple hash types (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512).

Real-time Monitoring and Analysis:

  • Visual feedback on imaging status: drive space map, speed, ETA, and by-head read speed graph.
  • HEX Viewer for raw data analysis and file signature detection during imaging.
  • Recommendations based on detected data: encrypted partitions or wiped drives.

Comprehensive Reporting:

  • Detailed reports post-imaging, including SMART table comparisons.
  • Automated case management system records every step, from device identification to imaging completion.
  • Print or save reports for seamless collaboration.

Harness the power of Atola TaskForce for efficient, precise, and customizable forensic imaging.