Ethernet Based Hard Disk /SSD Drive Cloning Device

Multi-port ethernet cable connected hard disk, SSD and flash memory drive duplicator and sanitizer.

NetClon Drive Via Ethernet Cable

  • Clone, wipe, backup, restore and manage drive images without removing drive from Windows or Linux computer or server
  • Connects to a computer via RJ-45 Ethernet Port or via USB port using a LAN to USB adapter
  • Duplicate and wipe regardless of drive type and interface connector type
  • Support duplication of the same drive image to many target computers simultaneously
  • Support duplication of different drive images concurrently to many computers that are same or different
  • Automatic drive cloning when a computer is connected to cloning device that is pre-programmed to recognize PC or Server serial number.
  • Support all international standards for drive sanitization's including
    • Single Pass
    • U.S. DoD 5220.22-M(E) – 3 Pass
    • U.S. DoD 5220.22-M(ECE) – 7 Pass
    • U.S. NSA erasure – 7 Pass
    • Peter Gutmann – 35 Pass
    • NIST 88-800 complaint sanitization
  • Device can automatically duplicate after secure wipe function is completed
  • Generates audit/trail report once drive wiping is completed
  • Includes internal SSD to manage and store drive images