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Hard Drive Data Recovery Solutions

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Introducing the new AIF-1000

The AIF-1000 is the first data recovery tool that covers all 4 major points of the data recovery process:

  • Hard Drive Diagnostics
  • Firmware recovery
  • Hard Drive Duplication
  • File and Partition Recovery

In fact, HDD diagnostics was never done this far before (in any software or hardware) as it is done in AIF-1000. The diagnostic process reports the exact problem with the drive, whether it is a PCB (electronic) failure, head failure, media damage, motor freezing, firmware area damage or file system damage.

Common Use:

  • Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Forensic Computer Investigation

Forensic Hard Drive Duplicator Atola Insight Forensic Hard Drive Data Recovery Suite

The Atola Insight Forensic includes features for all aspects of data recovery aside from disassembly or clean-room work. The Atola Insight Forensic is your complete solution, high-end product for Hard Drive diagnosis, backup, file and partition recovery etc.

DemiXG3020, Demi XG3020, Y-2042, Forensic Duplicator FX2042 SATA, SAS, Eraser, Tester, Forensic Duplicator

The FX2042 SATA, SAS, Eraser, Tester, and Forensic Drive Duplicator with optional support for Fibre Channel (FC), SCSI and ATA Hard Drives. The most affordable all-in-one enterprise server drive duplicator on the market.

Price USD: $3,990.00
Sale Price USD: $2,999.95
High Speed SATA/ATA HDD Duplicator, Forensic Duplicator, Demi XG1020, y-2020A FX2020A SATA 1:1 High Speed Disk Drive Test/Wipe/Erase/Copy Tool

The FX2020A High Speed Test/Wipe/Erase Tool is a versatile standalone hard drive service tool for Data Extraction, Forensic Duplication, Testing, Wiping and Sanitization.

Price USD: $2,999.00
Sale Price USD: $1,900.00
FX2070, Hard Drive Duplicator, demi yg1040, demiyg1040, y-2070 FX2070 3-port SATA/SAS Duplicator, Eraser, Tester, Forensic

The FX2070 high speed hard drive duplicator is SATA 6Gbps compatible ultra high speed multi-interfaces including optional support for FC (Fibre Channel), SCSI, ATA and USB 3.0 Drives.

Price USD: $4,990.00
Sale Price USD: $4,590.00