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USB Flash Drive Duplication & Printing

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Media Duplication Systems specializes in USB Flash Drive duplication, printing and supplying digital media including flash memory card or USB flash drive. Media Duplication Systems can provide you with flash memory cards and USB flash drives from different vendor partners.

If you buy your flash memory components from someone else, no problem. Whether it be USB duplication, SD or any other we'll still be happy to work with you to master, duplicate, test, print and package them. At Media Duplication Systems, we're your manufacturing partner invested in YOUR success.

Digital Media that is Supported

  • USB Sticks
  • SD - Secure Digital Card
  • MicroSD Cards
  • MiniSD - MiniSD Card
  • MMC - MultiMedia Card
  • RS-MMC - Reduced Size MultiMedia Card
  • CF-I & CF-II - CompactFlash II & II
  • MS - MemoryStick
  • MSD - MemoryStick Duo
  • USB Drives - Universal Serial Bus NAND-type flash memory
  • xD - xD-Picture Card

The accurate replication and control of your data is paramount to us which is why a binary image replication process is the only true way to operate.

Every job follows a proven process that includes a customer sign-off process and multiple stage checking. We have a large production facility that gives us the ability to react promptly to your demands and our capacity for quick turnaround is unmatched in the industry.

USB Duplication

flash duplication2Data preloads offer the possibility to combine custom printing with content e.g. pictures, flash files, audio or video information loaded onto your USB or Memory Card.

Media Duplication Systems can install data files on the USB flash drives / Memory Cards as long as the capacity of the selected drive is large enough to meet the demand of the data file. This process is often referred to Duplication, Replication or Data Preloading and is feasible for USB Flash Memory drive / USB Sticks and Memory Cards.

Typically, clients chose Power Point, Adobe, or Flash presentations, but any file type (e.g. Word, Excel, video clips, audio files or automatic website connection) can be installed/preloaded.

You can send us your files either via

  • e-mail
  • USB flash drive
  • CD
  • DVD
  • FTP