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MSI Plus Portable Forensic Imagers

The MSI Plus Portable Series is a complete digital forensic Investigation line. These forensic portable kits incorporate many tools with an easy to use user interface and the best performance in the industry. In the digital forensics field, data extraction, cloning and imaging, time is of the essence. These field and laboratory units combine very fast and easy to use forensic imaging applications - full Imaging (Mirror, DD, E01/EX01, Mix DD/E01), Select Partition to Image, Selective Capture of Files and Folders. Also run Virtual Drive Emulator to copy crucial files, Remote Capture, Quick Keyword search while capturing or prior to the capture, Quick Keyword search while capturing, 3 HASH values at the same time, Encryption, Decryption, Drive's Diagnostic Tests. Supports drives encrypted with BitLocker and SED drives.

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