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Overland Storage NEOs T24 Tape Autoloader | LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO-7

the NEOs T24 is a powerful backup and archive solution designed for small businesses or remote locations. Packing up to 360TB of storage capacity in a compact 2U form factor, the NEOs T24 delivers amazing capabilities in a compact form factor. Available as either a 12-slot autoloader or a 24-slot library, the NEOs T24 provides affordable, dependable, easy to use backup and archive capability for a variety of data center environments.

With this Product You Can...
  • Affordably backup or archive up to 360TB of data
  • Effortlessly manage your backup and archive processes from anywhere in the world
  • Add tape drives as needed for increased performance and enhanced efficiency
  • Encryption
  • Removable Management
  • Removable Cartridge Magazines
  • Upgradeable Tape Drives
  • Partitioning

OV-NEOST245FC | NEOs T24 Tape Autoloader OV-NEOST245SA | NEOs T24 Tape Autoloader OV-NEOST246FC | NEOs T24 Tape Autoloader
OV-NEOST246SA | NEOs T24 Tape AutoLoader OV-NEOST247FC | NEOs T24 Tape Autoloader OV-NEOST247SA | NEOs T24 Tape Autoloader

NEOs T24 Specifications

Configuration (total #): Cartridge Slots Magazines Mailslots Tape Drives
12-24 1-2 1 1-2
Tape Drives Supported: LTO-7, LTO-6, LTO-5
Capacity (max): Uncompressed Compressed
LTO-7: Up to 144TB LTO-7: Up to 360TB
LTO-6: Up to 60TB LTO-6: Up to 150TB
LTO-5: Up to 36TB LTO-5: Up to 72TB
Transfer Rate (max # drives): Uncompressed Compressed
LTO-7: Up to 2.2TB /hr LTO-7: Up to 5.4TB /hr
LTO-6: Up to 1.2TB/hr LTO-6: Up to 2.9TB /hr
LTO-5: Up to 1TB/hr LTO-5: Up to 2TB /hr
Reliability: MSBF (means swaps between failures): 2,000,000
Host Interface: 6Gb SAS, 8Gb FC
Connectors: Mini-SAS, LC Optical FC
User Interface: LCD front panel; web-based remote management
Physical Specifications: Dimensions: 3.44"(h) x 17.6"(w) x 29.13"(d); 2u
87.4mm x 447.0mm x 739.9mm
Weight: 33 lbs (without rackmount) 14.97 Kg
Power: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz; 168 watts (max)
Environmental Requirements: Humidity: 10% to 80% (operating, non-condensing)
Temperature: 10 to 45C (operating)
Standard Warranty: NEO S-Series products are covered by a one-year Advanced Parts Replacement and 9x5 telephone support. NEOs libraries are eligible for enhanced maintenance options to augment the standard limited warranty.
Upgrade Options: 3 years advanced parts replacement, 1 year/ 3 years onsite
100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Included in Std. Configuration: Library with (1) tape drive, US & European power cord, Quick Start Guide, rackmount hardware
Accessories: LTO-7/LTO-6/LTO-5 add-on tape drives, LTO-7/LTO-6/LTO-5 media, LTO cleaning cartridges, SAS connectivity kit, LTO-7/LTO-6/LTO-5 barcode labels, 12-slot magazines, 12 slot upgrade kit