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SCSI Hard Drive Copiers

OmniSCSI Hard Drive Duplicator OmniSCSI Hard Drive Duplicator

The OmniSCSI One to One is the fastest, most advanced 1 SCSI master-to-1 SCSI target at speeds approaching 7 GB/min.

Price USD: $2,595.00
Sale Price USD: $1,990.00
DemiXG3020, Demi XG3020, Y-2042, Forensic Duplicator FX2042 SATA, SAS, Eraser, Tester, Forensic Duplicator

The FX2042 SATA, SAS, Eraser, Tester, and Forensic Drive Duplicator with optional support for Fibre Channel (FC), SCSI and ATA Hard Drives. The most affordable all-in-one enterprise server drive duplicator on the market.

Price USD: $3,990.00
Sale Price USD: $2,999.95
FX2070, Hard Drive Duplicator, demi yg1040, demiyg1040, y-2070 FX2070 3-port SATA/SAS Duplicator, Eraser, Tester, Forensic

The FX2070 high speed hard drive duplicator is SATA 6Gbps compatible ultra high speed multi-interfaces including optional support for FC (Fibre Channel), SCSI, ATA and USB 3.0 Drives.

Price USD: $4,990.00
Sale Price USD: $4,590.00