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LTO Tape Cleaner | Analyzer

LTO Tape Cartridges have limited life expectancy. The moving components inside of the cartridges can wear out. They can be damaged by misadjusted or contaminated tape drives. Tape drives can be contaminated by cartridges and therefore require constant maintenance.

Defective cartridges and tape drives cause problems

  • Failures of archive back-ups
    • loss of time
    • loss of data if real-time
  • Failures during restore loss of data
    • Loss of data
  • Contamination
    • Tape drives contaminate cartridges
    • Cartridges contaminate tape drives
  • Expensive
    • Cost to rerun job
    • Cost to reconstruct data
  • How to identify
    • Not possible by visual inspection

VeriTape LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer VeriTape LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer

All LTO Cartridges contain an internal memory chip called Cartridge Memory (CM). This chip contains vital information about the cartridge. VeriTape reads this information and extracts it into special software with a clear and concise display. With VeriTape you can monitor any cartridge and retire aging or damaged ones before they fail, not afterwards.

Reg. US: $999.99
Sale Price: $798.00
VeriClean LTO Tape Cleaner VeriClean LTO Tape Cleaner

High density tapes are vulnerable to contamination, even very small particles can cause problems. The Vericlean LTO Tape Cleaner removes debris from tape with the use of a cleaning blade that is mounted perpendicular to the tape

Reg. US: $5,495.00
Sale Price: $4,995.00