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Quantum Scalar i40 and Scalar i80 LTO Tape Libraries

The Quantum Scalar i40 and i80 libraries are the easy-to-use tape libraries for the growing storage needs of small and medium- sized businesses, as well as remote office environments of larger enterprises. The Scalar i40 and i80 save time by simplifying everything from initial setup and ongoing management, to adding capacity over time.

Keeping up with data growth is simplified with the Scalar i40 and i80 tape libraries. The COD (Capacity-on-Demand) scalability feature enables the library’s capacity to grow on demand with users’ data—without disruption. Start with 25 slots and scale up to 40 slots with Scalar i40 (50 slots up to 80 slots for Scalar i80) as your requirements grow, with a software license only—no hardware to purchase or install—providing market-leading investment protection.


  • The simplest possible installation, operation and scaling.
  • Capacity-on-Demand feature enables easy in-box expansion.
  • Appliance that presents tapes as NAS storage, enabling new ways to manage and access archive files.

Quantum Scalar i40 LTO-7 Tape Library | Part# LSC14-CB7N-119G Quantum Scalar i40 Library, Two Ibm Lto-6 Tape Drives, 25 Slots, 6gb SAS Quantum Scalar i40 Premium Library, Two Ibm Lto-5 Tape Drives, 40 Slots, Advance
Quantum Scalar i40 Tape Library, Two IBM LTO-6 Tape Drives, 40 Slots Quantum Scalar i40 Dual LTO-7 Tape Library | Part# LSC14-CB7N-219G Quantum Scalar i80 Dual LTO-7 SAS Tape Library