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Quantum SuperLoader 3 Tape Autoloader for simple reliable backups

Designed for simple and reliable backups, the SuperLoader 3 offers an exclusive package of advanced features including StorageCare Guardian, remote management, and barcode reader—all at no additional cost. It also gives you the widest range of drive options in the industry to support data requirements up to 1,920TB—with the flexibility to expand as your storage needs grow.

Quantum SuperLoader 3 LTO-7, LTO-6, and LTO-5 models now include DATASTOR Shield™ backup software with deduplication to supercharge your backup. Quantum and DATASTOR have teamed up to provide the first backup with deduplication straight to tape. This technology, which reduces backups significantly (up to 20X), allows you to store more data per tape than competitive models.

The SuperLoader 3 brings you a full suite of advanced features at an affordable price with easy integration, an intuitive user interface, and compatibility with a broad range of backup software packages. And because you can easily expand from 8 to 16 cartridge slots, your investment is protected as your needs grow.

Customers may also choose additional service level uplifts to 5×9×ND and 7×24×4 for maximum availability and faster response times.


  • Complete Solution with StorageCare Guardian – A remote monitoring and diagnostics tool that proactively monitors your SuperLoader 3 over the Internet and uses intelligent diagnostics to remotely service the unit if necessary
  • Compatible with all major backup software packages, environments, and infrastructures
  • Backup with Deduplication – Includes DATASTOR Shield backup software; reduces data by 20X.
  • The only autoloader that supports 16 cartridges in a 2U rackmount unit
  • Access from any web-based browser for remote diagnostics, operations, software upgrades and maintenance
  • Removable magazine(s) provide fast, easy cartridge access
  • Up to 240TB* of capacity with standard compression; up to 1,920TB of capacity with DATASTOR Shield
  • Up to 2.7TB/hr* transfer rate
  • Scalable from 8 to 16 cartridge slots
  • 2U rackmountable form factor
  • State-of-the-art performance and energy efficiency
  • SAS and SCSI – Available with SAS interfaces (LTO-7, LTO-6, and LTO-5), and with SCSI and SAS interfaces (all other LTO)

Quantum SuperLoader part# EC-LLPAE-YF-C Quantum SuperLoader part# EC-L2PAE-YF-C Quantum SuperLoader part# E7-L2PAE-HF-C
Quantum SuperLoader part# E7-L2SAE-HF-C Quantum SuperLoader part# E7-LLSAE-YF-C Quantum SuperLoader part# E7-LLYAE-YF
Quantum SuperLoader part# E7-L2SAE-YF-C Quantum SuperLoader part# E7-L2YAE-YF Quantum SuperLoader part# E7-L2YAE-HF

Model Numbers and Descriptions

EC-LLPAE-YF-C: LTO-5HH SAS, 8 Slots/1 Magazine
EC-L2PAE-YF-C: LTO-5HH SAS, 16 Slots/2 Magazines
E7-LLSAE-YF-C: LTO-6HH SAS, 8 Slot/1 Magazine
E7-L2SAE-YF-C: LTO-6HH SAS, 16 Slot/2 Magazines
E7-LLYAE-YF: LTO-7HH SAS, 8 Slot/1 Magazine
E7-L2YAE-YF: LTO-7HH SAS, 16 Slot/2 Magazines
E7-L2PAE-HF-C: LTO-5HH SAS, HBA (6Gb/s, PCIe), 10 pcs Media, 16 Slot/2 Magazine
E7-L2SAE-HF-C: LTO-6HH SAS, HBA (6Gb/s, PCIe), 10 pcs Media, 16 Slot/2 Magazine
E7-L2YAE-HF: LTO-7HH SAS, HBA (6Gb/s, PCIe), 10 pcs Media, 16 Slot/2 Magazine