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FX2131 SATA Hard Drive Duplicator - Expandable
FX2131 SATA Hard Drive Duplicator, y-2131, hit yg2060
Mass Hard Drive Duplicator- Link up to 59 units
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Product Code: FX2131


FX2131 SATA Hard Drive Duplicator

The FX2131 is designed to go as fast as 37GB/min, the fastest duplication speed on the Hard Drive Duplicator market.

Ideally used in PC manufacturing, hard drive manufacturing and digital cinema distribution worldwide, the FX2131 drastically reduces overall copy time by applying data-only copy techniques to only copy the used area of the hard drive. Use the FX2131 to network up to 10 units and make a single 1:59 (1-to-59) duplicator. No speed reduction when linked. Increased mass output at a reduced manufacturing cost is guaranteed.


  • Fastest duplication speed available in the industry (Up to 37 GB/min for qualifying high-speed hard drives).
  • Works for any MFG ATA/IDE (optional), SATA, 3.5" - 2.5" - 1.8" - 1.0" - 0.85" size Hard Drive *Adapters may be required for small-form drives. Inquire for details
  • Stand-alone or PC-controlled operation (PC Host Software include free of charge)
  • Map Copy System for copying only the used disk area to drastically reduce copy time. The world's only data-only copy system for any operating system or file system.
  • Sector-to-Sector Copy: copy drive sector-by-sector to produce identical target HDDs
  • CRC Compare: verify every copied sector data and ensure a 0% Error Rate
  • Complete HPA control: add/remove HPA on HDD
  • Cross-Interface Copy: copy between interfaces (ATA-SATA)
  • Automating QC testing: automatic QC testing during all operations to ensure quality of produced HDDs
  • Low Level Format: secure 1-pass erasure of entire disk with customizable wipe pattern
  • Various Erasure Methods: standard methods include: Low Level Format, DoD Erase, NSA Erase
    *Additional erasure methods can be created. Inquire for details.
  • Adjustable Parameters: customize all operations to your need
  • Automation: create/combine any operation to be run automatically at the push of a button
  • Network up to 10 units to make a single 1:59 (1-to-59) duplicator. No speed reduction when linked.

FX2131 Hard Drive Duplicator Specifications

Copy Function:
  • Entire area copy function
  • Used area copy function
  • Clip copy function
  • Each copy and bit compare function
  • Bit compare function;
  • Backup function (Bad sector skip copy function)
Deletion Function:
  • Random data, count specified deletion NSA recommended method DoD conforming method (DoD55220.22-M)
  • Deletion report creation function and log data collection function (Terminal software required)
Quick Diagnostic Function:
  • Seek test Verify test
  • Read test
  • Write test
  • Read compare test (Common to all products.)
  • SMART status check (Only for DemiUAv3 and DemiXG Series)
  • SMART self test (Only for DemiUAv3)
Clip Function:
  • Random capacity clip function
  • AUTO clip function (Clip the target according to master capacity.)
  • Clip off function
Cross Copy: Copy and compare between:
  • SATA to ATA
Dimensions (WxHxD): W380 x D285 x H175 (mm)
Weight: 6kg
Input Power: AC 100V ~ 240V 50/60Hz
Consumption Current: 2.5A
Temperature, Humidity: 10C ~ 35C, 30 to 80% (No condensation)
Maximum Supported HDD Capacity: ATA/SATA 144PB 2TB
Host Interface: LAN
HDD Interface: SATA/ATA
Number of HDDs to be connected (units) Copy 1:5, Scalable 1:59
Deletion 6
Diagnostics 6
Transfer Speed: 37GB/min
Included Accessories:
  1. AC Power Cable x 1
  2. SATA Interface Cable x 2
  3. HDD placing mat
  4. Instruction Manual x 1
Optional Products:
  • Terminal software
  • HDD Plug-in unit (for 2.5 and 3.5) (for ATA and SATA)
  • Various conversion adapters